About Easy List Realty Ltd.

Canada's Best For Sale By Owner MLS® Selling System!

MLS® flat fee listing services - available province-wide in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Ontario & Nova Scotia.

Are you looking to get your property posted on the MLS® System as a private seller on REALTOR.ca?

If you are, you've come to the right place!

We provide flat fee MLS® & REALTOR.ca listing services to Canadian homeowners throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario & Nova Scotia, with full access to the MLS® System as a private seller.

Many sellers are now opting to take control of their own sale. Our cutting-edge For Sale By Owner (FSBO) system allows those sellers to manage the sale in a professional and organized manner, utilizing the MLS® System and unleashing its power to market the property much more successfully - to a much larger audience via our data syndication.

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Listing Syndication Diagram

Listing Syndication System

We syndicate your listing data to multiple websites AND you do the work only once!


  • Unlimited selling time (until it sells)
  • MLS® listing services on multiple networks (INCLUDING REALTOR.ca!)
  • You can cancel anytime - no penalty

In Western Canada, the Broker of Record is Darya Pfund. In Ontario, the Broker of Record is Adam Major. In Nova Scotia, the Broker of Record is Sophie Giterman. Darya, Adam and Sophie operate a highly organized and efficient real estate business and have extensive knowledge of the industry. The Easy List Realty Ltd. brokerage provides cutting-edge flat fee mere posting services in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Ontario & Nova Scotia, allowing private sellers to tap directly into the vast power of the MLS® System.

In spring 2024, Easy List Realty Ltd.'s Flat Fee MLS® listing services will ALSO be fully operational in the rest of Eastern Canada!

If you live in this part of the country and are considering selling your own home, please start your listing and we will notify you when the service is available. All sellers who are already set up in our system will be offered a special discount on the $549.00 flat fee listing price when we launch the service.

The Easy List Realty Ltd. brokerage provides FLAT FEE mere posting services to Canadian homeowners who DO NOT want to enlist the services of a full-service REALTOR® in Canada, opting instead to manage the selling process on REALTOR.ca themselves.

The best way to get a hold of us is to call us on or toll-free number, 7 days a week, at 1-888-323-1998 ext. 103. Please call anytime - we are standing by!